Industrial & Product Design

Industrial Design Firm – Designing Success

With over 20 years of professional experience and a passion for industrial design in Vancouver, Canada. White Box Design are experts at designing success. Focusing on the design process, listening to clients and finding creative solutions creates products that are emotionally appealing, a pleasure to use and most importantly, are successful in the market place.

Through collaboration, attentive listening and understanding your needs, we infuse our creativity, passion and experience to create innovative designs and great experiences for you and your customers.

Our design process includes: in depth research, comprehensive strategy development, concept generation, product development, rigorous testing, validation and implementation

The White Box Design team brings expertise to all aspects of industrial design to create a cohesive user experience. We do: core design work, graphic user interface, graphics, product instructions and informational videos. Have a great product idea? We’d love to hear about how we can help you make your business reality a success.