March 28, 2010

Overdrive 3G/4G gets rave reviews

Overdrive 3G/4G

Overdrive 3G/4G

Since its launch at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show, the Overdrive designed by White Box Design has been a huge success and has received rave reviews.

Business Week: “Sprint’s Outstanding Overdrive is a great device and a snap to use. A good choice for road warriors who want to connect multiple devices wirelessly.”

“The Overdrive is Sprint’s WiMax dream, in a little box”
“…the web interface is nice—animated, interactive and fast”

“Pocket-friendly design. LCD and browser-based interface make it easy to use.”

“With the Overdrive, it’s simple: “Easy to connect, easy to use”: I have to give that one to Sprint. This is the easiest broadband modem/hotspot to use.”
“The overdrive is currently my favorite broadband device”

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