November 19, 2010

They Love It

250U 3G/4G Modem for Sprint.

 250U 3G/4G Modem for Sprint.

Sierra Wireless has joined forces with White Box Design in the design of the 250U 3G/4G Modem for Sprint.

What really sets the 250U appart from the ubiquious USB stick or any other predecessor, is its very unique form factor. The device also has a 180-degree rotating hinge allowing it to swivel left or right and to tilt backwards or forwards. This incredible flexible design allows users to plug the modem into nearly any available USB port on a notebook. This hinge also prevents potential damage to the port when the device is accidentally bumped.

Since Sierra Wireless and Sprint have unveiled the 250U in June 2010, the device has received great reviews for its functionality and visual design:

PC Magazine: ” The Sierra Wireless 250U is the best way to get an individual Mac or PC onto Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks.”

CNET: “Great performance, nice look – happy camper…” “First, I like the way it looks, second I like the way it works.”

Engadget: “… and the minuscule design sure makes it more attractive than those prone-to-snapping alternatives.”

Softpedia Gadgets: “…the Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem 250U from Sierra Wireless, a mobile broadband solution that speeds up to… at the same time looking extremely cool. And we’re not only talking about the visual effect, but also about the overall design,…”

Hot Cellular Phone: “Attractive Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem 250U from Sierra Wireless Makes it Easy to Get Lightning Fast Wireless Access On the Go”

Sprint Users:

“Great new compact exterior design!…An excellent upgrade from the larger “stick” styled internet card…”

“This never let me down! It’s performing quite well as expected. I love the design, the speed and its reliability. I can use it wherever! Thank you!”

Techshout: “The ideal design adorned by the device allows…”