January 19, 2011

Less is More: Dynafit Touring Bindings

This winter season, I treated myself and bought Dynafit Alpine Touring bindings (alpine touring is a form of hors-piste skiing involving traveling on skis under human power).  I say “treated” because I simply can’t get over this masterpiece of design.  Why do I love these?  Because:
– They are the lightest on the market for maximum functionality.  The minimal use of materials forces each component to serve multiple functions. Absolutely no waste of material.
– They are very clever by incorporating dual function into the boot.  Unlike any other brand,  they built the toe and heel connectors into the boot creating a simple and very effective connection that can be locked when in down hill mode and pivot when the heel is released for cross country.  In addition,  by rotating the rear binding using the tip of your pole the heel can be adjusted to 3 variable-heights to elevate the heel.  This clever innovation creates a binding that is incredibly light, as low as 2 pound 2 ounces/pair.  Up to 75% less than any other AT bindings.
– They are super quiet due to eliminating the typical plastic against plastic “clunking” that would be part of the binding.

[youtube XI6C2SNIP08 nolink]

Other key advantages are:
– No binding weight to lift on each step : By only lifting up your boots in tour mode, not the whole binding is a huge energy saver on long ascent.
– Near flat mount to your ski: For a better powder skiing experience and optimal control and power transfer.
– The hinge point in the boots and their light weight allows you to easily remove your skins while keeping your skis on.
– Extremely robust: constructed from stainless steel compared to plastic

From my personal experience, this design is a marvel of simplicity and ingenuity.

Here’s me testing them out on Howe Sound Crest Trail that runs between Cypress Mountain and the Lions.

Dynafit Touring Bindings