August 2, 2012

Pakmat Air Bed – Does it all and more

Recently I was on the search for a new camping mattress for our car camping adventures.  As this was for our kids my first must have was finding a mattress that was non toxic with no phthalates commonly found in inflatable products.  Through a quick google search I came across the Pakmat.  From the brief description and user reviews I was sold.  This mattress fits the bill and more with it’s well thought out low tech design and simple details.

Off the bat it’s most noticeable clever feature that who wouldn’t love is the dual purpose canister.  Not only does it store/protect the mattress with an easy to carry handle but doubles as a simple pump.


Bayonet style connection is secure and feels durable.


Very simple valve makes it easy to adjust firmness and super quick to deflate


Simple and clear illustrated (no text) instructions on the canister as well as molded in.


Most importantly it’s non toxic, car camping compact, comfortable, and durable.  We use it and love it!