Grado Labs SR60i Headphone Review

In the world of precision-engineered headphones with premium materials (and price tags), Grado Labs decides to plunk a quality sound driver into a utilitarian housing, and calls it a day. In doing so, they’ve developed an adoring audiophile fanbase myself included for their no-nonsense philosophy.

First Impressions:All about the sound. Big chunky drivers behind the grill, thick cable, no adornment necessary.Grado Labs SR60i Headphone

At home, in transit, at work, and everywhere in between.Grado Labs SR60i Headphone

Visual Language:A piece of utilitarian, no-frills equipment, with a retro look.Grado Labs SR60i Headphone

Comfort:Grado Labs SR60i Headphone

Usability:Grado Labs SR60i Headphone

Quality:Cheap-feeling; but durable construction.Grado Labs SR60i Headphone

Sound:The main reason for owning these. Crisp highs, smooth mids, deep bass for any type of music. Open-air design might disturb others in quiet public places, though.

Value:Great value.  Surprisingly good sound quality encased in a cheap but functional, sleeper-styled design.

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