January 2, 2013

Apple EarPods Review

Using them and loving them, a review of my almost perfect Apple EarPods!



First Impressions:

This is such an improvement from the previous model! They fit my ear much better, they are sturdier and they provide amazing sound considering their retail price.


I use them everyday for my bike commute, when I go for a run and to listen to music or podcast at work. I’ve had them for 3 months.


Visual Language:




So far they seem very durable.


Very good considering their price and size. Good bass performance and does a pretty good job at blocking background noise.


Excellent value for the price. I am very impressed with Apple’s design of the EarPods. It’s a huge improvement from their previous model. I haven’t had them for very long but I use them several hours a day and in sometimes pretty extreme weather conditions and so far so good!