January 9, 2013

Button 2.0 – The little button that could

Button 2.0 is definitely one of those products that’s so obvious you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it. Provides a solution to an everyday problem and is one very simple product.
Now it’s great having a clever idea but the real challenge is you still need to manufacture, market, and sell it. The missing link is Shapeways, best described as the Kinko’s of 3D printing with an added bonus. Shapeways offers the ability to not only produce/print your product but also provides an outlet for selling it too. This is still in it’s infancy and I wouldn’t call it perfect yet.  But this is the new frontier for our industry that in 2012 has started to come into the mainstream.  We look forward to more Button 2.0 like products of 2013.