May 28, 2013

Romotive – Smart Phone Robot

Romo is a small robot that uses your idevice as a brain.  Then through using an app you can create his personality and behavior.  Romo first got its start after a successful Kickstarter campaign for what is now called the ‘Romo Classic’.  This was a kitset product with a hacker/maker focus.

Romo Classic


Enter Kickstarter 2.0 and we now have a full fledged consumer Next Gen Romo.

Next Gen Romo


Next Gen Romo now has a more complete personality that is friendly and quirky.  The hacker/maker focus has moved away from hardware (although I’m sure we will see plenty of creative people out there adding their own mods) and more to the coding/programming side.

Some of Romos Interface.


Now when I hear coding I think OK moving on, but as the video below (1:30 in) demonstrates this task looks simple and fun for anyone to use.

Like the commodore 64 (the first consumer grade home computer) of my era maybe the Robo will be the first mainstream home robot?