October 15, 2013

Polycom VVX 300 & VVX 400 Business Phone User Reviews

Polycom’s VVX 300 and VVX 400 are the newest members of their Business Media Phone family. Both models are positioned as entry level models because they do not have touchscreens.

White Box Design was faced with two challenges throughout this product design process. First, we needed to influence the product’s visual design language off of the design elements that were first developed for Polycom’s VVX500 phone. Through collaboration, attentive listening, and creativity, we found an aesthetic that stayed true to the Business Media Phone family and communicated Polycom’s entry level proposition. Our second challenge was to find an attractive and functional solution that would incorporate all of the product’s buttons without increasing the overall size.


The end result was similar to Polycom’s VVX 500 and 600, but the product design was simpler and included more cost effective finishes. The button layout solution groups the product’s new buttons based on their respective functions and keeps common buttons in the same place across the entire family of phones.



Do you want to know how Polycom’s VVX 300 AND VVX 500 compare to other business media phones in their class? Check out a few of our favourite reviews from Amazon.com below.

Awesome audio quality, especially with speakerphone – This is a great phone at a reasonable cost. My favorite attribute is the voice quality. The Polycom HD voice feature sounds fantastic. Their full duplex speakerphone is the best. I don’t think the expensive Cisco phones have the quality of speakerphones that Polycom provides.

All the right stuff for all the right price – Great phone. Does all the basics for a great price. Has a nice “feel” to the handset. I always like polycom and this brings the most used features and puts them in a compact, affordable form.

It was incredibly easy to setup – I have been using this phone for about a year in my home office. It was incredibly easy to setup, much easier than another phone I own (Grandstream). The sound and build quality are great. There are not a bunch of fancy features, but what it lacks there it makes up for it quality. I highly recommend it if you need an inexpensive VoIP phone.

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