December 18, 2013

Smart Folding Table & Bench Set Product Design

Being able to easily take a table and bench set on outdoor adventures is a real luxury. Having a spare table around for that holiday season gathering is also a bonus. Enter the Cabana picnic table, an incredibly compact and super functional all-in-one product. Take a look at a few of our key reasons as to why we love this product design below.



We’re in love with the picnic table’s clever multi-use components and materials. It’s convenient carrying case stores the table and doubles as bench seats. The table slats are strung together by elastic cord, which allows it to be rolled up easily. (Without any loose parts!)



Our second favorite thing about this product design is that it’s setup doesn’t require any tools. Everything swings, hinges or snaps into place. There’s also no need for instructions. Yes!



One of the best things about this picnic table is it’s durability. The primary materials used in this product are aluminum, plastic laminate and plastic fittings. These materials help keep the table rust free, reduce weight, and make it easy to clean.



Lastly, above all, a good product must be very functional. Considering all the connections and the lack of nuts and bolts, this set is very sturdy. The table height is adjustable and no loose parts means no missing parts! This product is just another reason to “Use it, Love it”!

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