January 28, 2014

Visual Design Language

A visual design language translates a brand’s unique values and personality into tangible physical elements, such as detail, form, material and colour. If it’s done right, a solid visual design language can make a powerful first impression with your audience. Here at White Box Design, identifying and defining the visual design language is a key component before we start exploring or sketching any new project. It directs us as to how our products should look, feel and be used.

A product’s design language can strengthen its emotional connection with your customers. It can also lead to higher brand awareness and a longer product life. The visual language of a product can be adjusted to emphasize a diverse range of signals that may be consciously or subconsciously recognized by your customers. Simple and subtle manipulations of a product’s design can create a unique identity and convey a wide range of information.

Below is a wonderful example from TYPE in how two very different visual design languages can produce two very different results in a product with identical features and functions.

Type - Visual Design Language



Type - Visual Design LanguageImages courtesy of TYPE

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