March 19, 2015

Innate Growler – Best of both worlds

Over the past holiday I was lucky enough to receive one of these beauties full. The Innate Growler has a classic form factor and the functionality is bang on. This was proven from the get go as it sat in our fridge for over a week, I know this sounds sacrilegious but on rare occasions supply can outweigh demand.  Finally we popped it open and to our surprise the beer was as fresh and carbonated as if it had been filled yesterday.  That’s an impressive feat achieved through a great compressed seal between cap and gasket that also makes it very leak proof.



Other key features that I’ve since tested:
Double wall vacuum insulated – I’ve left it in a warm room for several hours and was perfectly chilled when consumed, you can now leave the cooler at home.  As an added bonus I can also see using this more like a traditional thermos for family outings – hot chocolate, soups, etc.
Finger Loop – This 1.9L size is heavy when full, the finger loop is strong, durable and freely rotates preventing your fingers twisting.
Food grade stainless Steel –  The best of both worlds when compared to traditional glass, keeps the beer tasting the way it should and in one piece from those typical impacts.
Wide mouth spout – Crisp lip pours perfectly and is much easier to clean.



Now usually this is where we would end but being such fans of this great product we would love to see it even better.  If we were to imagine the next gen Innate Growler we could see exploring a few aesthetic and functional tweaks. Firstly adding some surface details to the cap would improve your grip when opening, this could be embossed details in the form (as illustrated below) or a surface knurled/textured treatment would be interesting to explore too.  Secondly developing a textured/coated finish to reduce the raw brushed appearance would make the surface more durable and also provide an opportunity for rich colour options, like a deep porter or an amber brown.  Just some initial thoughts from our “Use It Love It” team.