October 9, 2015

No Tech-Zone Sign

More sign bombing, this time in San Francisco by artist Ivan Cash of Cash Studios. “No Tech-Zone” is an official looking sign that has been installed in parks across the city that “encourages people to question the role technology plays in our lives and environment.” It’s a helpful social reminder to take time away from our electronic devices and interact more with our physical surroundings.



NO TECH-ZONE from Ivan Cash on Vimeo.

In 2013, thanks to a $6000.00 gift from Google, San Francisco began offering free wifi services in most of their parks, plazas and recreation centers. Some believe that this new network has caused San Francisco’s residents to become more tech-obsessed than ever. Two years later, Ivan Cash and a few of his friends installed many of his signs on certain poles in a few of the city’s parks. As the video reveals, park goers still cannot resist reaching for their devices to take a snap.

Cash is selling one hundred of his 18” x 24” metal signs to help cover the costs of the publicity stunt. They are signed by the artist himself and retail for $100.00 each. Get yours here.

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