January 28, 2016

Blunt Umbrella – Use It Love It Product Design

As the season changes, its a perfect time to introduce our newest ‘Use it Love it’ product: The Blunt Umbrella.  Historically, umbrellas have sadly been a bit of a disposable product for me.  They last a season, if I’m lucky. Even when you consider better quality versions, they are still more or less all constructed the same way, which eventually leads to the same failure points.

Classic umbrella fails

This brings me to the incredibly innovative ‘BLUNT‘ umbrella.  I’ve had mine for over two years and it’s still functioning like new. This despite being tested on the sidelines of the soccer pitch during a pineapple express system, rainy Vancouver commutes and generally getting on with life on the ‘wet coast’.


From afar the most noticeable difference with this umbrella is the rounded (aka blunt) tips.  These are the foundation of what makes this product so unique and function so well. The tips are an integral part of the redesigned structure, which evenly distributes tension over the entire umbrella, creating a uniformly taut canopy. This is the key to maintaining good umbrella structural integrity in blustery conditions.



Need proof check this out!


The blunt tips also result in a much friendlier umbrella. Visually it creates a clean, modern shape that has become symbolic of the brand.  Functionally they are so much better than their sharp pointed competitors; they don’t catch or snag on objects. As the taller-than-average Blunt creator Greig Brebner explains, it’s also a safer solution to the inevitable ‘umbrella in the face’. For me, after escaping the annual disposable umbrella racket, there is no looking back! Blunt – Use it Love it



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