August 7, 2021

Use it! Love it! | ATH-M50x – Headphone Review

For the latest entry in our ongoing ‘Use it! Love it!’ product review series, we‘re taking a closer look at Audio Technica’s ATH-M50x Headphones. Categorized as  ‘Studio Monitors’, these headphones are the perfect entry into high-fidelity listening — smart design considerations, attention to detail and great build-quality are what made these headphones standout to us. Let’s take a deeper look below…


Overall Impressions 

Powerful performance and consistency across a variety of audio applications (music, movies, video games, etc.)  They’ve withstood wear and tear over the past year, albeit some faint cracking on the leather earcups and some general scuff marks. I generally use them at home or on commutes — they’re very portable and suitable for most on-the-go activities.


For their retail price, these headphones pack a lot of punch in terms of sound quality. Since they are considered entry-level “Studio Monitors” they are well balanced and preserve a clean audio signal. In other words, you hear songs as they were intended to be heard; no artificial ‘bass-boosting’ or muddled ‘mids’ that you’d find with other consumer headphones in this price range.

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