May 27, 2022

Polycom Industrial Design Collaboration | Foam Model To Final Product

At White Box Design, we’re an industrial design firm that believes iteration and prototyping is an essential part of the product development process.

Our design for the Polycom SoundStation IP5000 is a great example of our process through prototypes, from our very first rough massing model to the final production product.


Overview of the development process and prototypes of this product design.

The first foam mockup of Polycom's SoundStation IP5000

Very first foam model.  Through sketching and quick massing CAD models we produce simple foam models giving us a good sense of form, proportions and product personality in the real world.

Second, higher fidelity foam mockup up.

Refined foam model.   Through collaboration and input from all the team members we develop the concept further to define overall dimensions.

3D printed prototype that adhering closer to mechanical requirements.

3D prints.  Using CAD we develop the model further, then produce 3D prints for validation.  During this process we collaborate closely with the mechanical engineering and the production team to find the optimum relationship between form, aesthetics and the physical mechanical requirements.  We often produce many 3D prints during this phase to compare, refine and develop all possible solutions.

Early production sample of Polycom SoundStation IP5000

Early production parts.  Here all aspects of the design intent and production processes are validated and refined to meet production constraints, fit of internal parts, drop test requirements, safety regulations, cost targets and more.

Polycom's SoundStation IP5000

Final design: The SoundStation IP5000

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