June 26, 2024

Understanding Industrial Design | What Is Visual Brand Language?

Embodying Brand Identity Through Product Design

A visual brand language translates a brand’s unique values and personality into tangible physical elements, such as form, material, details, and colour. A successful visual brand language can give your products a powerful first impression and be a long-lasting ambassador to your brand. Here at White Box Design, identifying and defining the visual brand language is an essential step before we start exploring or sketching any new project. It guides us on how your products should look, feel, and function.


Here are some examples of possible Visual Design Language categories that may align with your brand.


A product’s design language can strengthen its emotional connection with your customers. It can also enhance brand awareness and extend product lifespan. The visual language of a product can be adjusted to emphasize various elements that customers consciously or subconsciously recognize. Visual brand language is not a rigid list of rules to denote specific features, it is rather a guide to give visual design direction that has flexibility to work within a spectrum. It is also living and should have the ability to evolve just like your brand.

Here’s an intriguing example from TYPE illustrating how two distinct visual design languages can yield contrasting results in products with identical features and functions.


Example of Visual Design Language comparing fonts to glasses.

Type - Visual Design Language

Type - Visual Design Language

*Images courtesy of TYPE


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