Industrial & Product Design, Vancouver

White Box Design is located in Vancouver Canada. We work with a wide range of clients located all over North America with a focus in Western Canada, Pacific Northwest and Vancouver. Our industrial design methodology and process has helped our Vancouver and North American clients become innovators in their respective markets, these include:

Consumer Products:

Megapro manufacturers multi bit screwdrivers here in the Vancouver area. White Box Design helped drive Megapro’s international success by designing products that are visually and emotionally appealing, great to use and visually communicate Megapro’s brand language.

White Box Designs recent Megapro project is the Ratcheting Screwdriver 13 in 1. This is a professional driver with several enhanced features include a rubber grip, tapered shape for improved ergonomics and a locking ratchet. It’s consistently rated very highly by users on Amazon and is considered best in class by Sweethome.

Sierra Wireless based in the Vancouver area is an industry leader in manufacturing modems and software, connecting people using mobile networks.

White Box has designed numerous products for their North American, Australian and European markets. These include Mobile Hotspot AirCard W801 & 802S, USB Modem AirCard 312U, 313U & 320U and USB Modem AirCard 250U. The common industrial design thread through all their modems was to make their products look like modems (as opposed to memory sticks), be versatile (for use with both horizontal and vertical USB jacks and in tight spaces) and be robust (no protruding rigid sticks that can be broken off).

Myle a Calgary Alberta based startup is developing a wearable thought catcher called Myle Tap.
Taking a collaborative approach White Box Design worked closely with the MYLE team on the industrial design. Identifying elegant, professional, and friendly were the key elements of the visual design language. The result was a simple but yet memorable form factor that had a business oriented appeal.

Enterprise Products:

Arius3D, a Vancouver based startup that’s developed a laser-based optical 3D scanning systems. Our Industrial Design team was challenged to re-design their flagship product, the Arius3D Identik 300R laser scanner.

The visual design language needed to be professional to communicate it’s precision and high value. Functionally the unit needed to be robust, easy to move and internals accessible for servicing.

Digital Payment located in the Vancouver area is a manufacturer of parking payment solutions.

The White Box Design team has worked with Digital Payment on both their physical and digital products. Their most recognizable product ‘Luke’ has been a great success and can now be seen on the streets of over 250 cities in North America, including Vancouver, Houston, Anchorage, Beverly Hills, Portland and Seattle.

Industrial Products:

Pro Mach has a network of brands located all over North America that are leading providers of industrial packaging equipment and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, and pharmaceutical companies.

White Box Design works with many Pro Mach brands. Four of which are located here in the Vancouver area Dekka, Ipak, Wexxar & BEL. Our industrial design process focuses on improving their design, usability and the branding of their products.