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newwind wind tree aeroleaf

AEROLEAF – Micro Scale Wind Farm

When we think of wind turbines we either think large scale wind farm infrastructures or a miniature tri-propeller consumer version. With product design at the heart of its innovation, NEWWIND are taking a completely unique approach. By combining their micro-electricity technology with a multitude of micro turbines they have developed the AEROLEAF. […]

Megapro – T Handle Nut Driver Industrial Design

The T Handle Nut Driver is White Box Designs latest Industrial Design collaboration with Megapro. Evolving Megapro’s visual brand language into a T shape form factor that was cost effective and adaptable for multiple sizes were key areas of focus. […]

CES 2016 Trends white box design

CES 2016 Trends

The most notable new trend at this years CES 2016 was the resurgence of Virtual Reality (VR) partially due to the recent consumer launch of Oculus and others but also due to the huge new trend in 360 cameras that can provide the content for the VR medium.
Drones continue to evolve with a focus on more professional features, functionality and highend price tags to match.
Most of the big auto makers continue to use CES to give us a glimpse into what they think the future will be. The best market segment mash up in transportation was the Ehang 184 combining drone technology and self driving into an autonomous aerial vehicle for humans (very Jetson). To see more check out our summary of this year CES 2016 Trends.

Best of CES 2016 white box design

BEST of CES 2016

With a new year comes our annual White Box Design’s BEST of CES 2016. Walking the show this year we saw plenty of optimism as evident in the record number of exhibitors 3800+, over 170,000 visitors and a whopping 2.47 million square feet of exhibits. Take a look at our Industrial Design stand outs of CES 2016. […]

Arius3D industrial design

Arius3D – 3D Scanner Industrial Design

Arius3D, a leader in laser-based optical 3D scanning systems recently launched their latest flagship laser scanner the ‘Arius3D Identik 300R‘. White Box Design took a collaborative approach in the industrial design of this new portable product. The only 3D scanner using direct colour measurement to quantify and collect points containing both geometry and colour. Art museums and galleries are using this to scan their masterpieces and produce incredibly accurate replicas using 3D printing technology. […]

No Tech-Zone Sign

No Tech-Zone Sign

More apt sign bombing, this time in San Francisco by artist Ivan Cash of Cash Studios. ‘No-Tech Zone’ is an official looking sign installed in parks across the city that ‘encourages people to question the role technology plays in our lives and environment’. It’s a helpful social reminder to take time out from our devices and interact more with our physical surroundings. […]

Blunt Umbrella

Blunt Umbrella – Consumer Product Design

As the season changes, its a perfect time to introduce our newest ‘Use it Love it’ product: The Blunt Umbrella. Historically, umbrellas have sadly been a bit of a disposable product for me. They last a season, if I’m lucky. Even when you consider better quality versions, they are still more or less all constructed the same way, which eventually leads to the same failure points. […]

White Box Product Design MYLE TAP - Wearable Thought Catcher

MYLE TAP – Wearable Thought Catcher Product Design

A big congratulations to the MYLE team on reaching their funding goal for MYLE TAP designed by White Box Design.
“MYLE TAP is a touch-activated wearable voice recorder that helps you take notes and launch applications without having to touch your smartphone. Just tap MYLE TAP and say your thought, idea or instruction – MYLE TAP will instantly memorize it and take care of the rest.” […]



CreativeMornings is a free monthly breakfast talk hosted in over 110 cities around the globe. Originally started in 2008 in New York City by designer Tina Roth Eisenberg, it was an effort to bring the creative community together through celebrating local creative talent. The goal was to get creative folks together within an accessible format and for the event to be free of charge.
Here in Vancouver we are very lucky to have our own local branch CreativeMorningsVAN, made possible by a very dedicated crew of volunteers. […]

Clet Abraham's Guerrilla Street Art

Clet Abraham’s Guerrilla Street Art

Artist Clet Abraham has been subtly transforming the street signs in and around Florence over the pass year or so. With a keen sense of humor and the simple use of temporary vinyl transfers he has added a juxtaposition to the timeless Renaissance art in Florence. It’s unknown how many renditions he has done but from Clets facebook page it’s apparent the constraints of a simple road sign have limitless possibilities. He’s since branched out across Europe click here to see several of our favorites