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Design Thinking, it can help but it is not fairy dust!

Helen Walters a design journalist and frequent contributor to Fast Company recently posted a great article that helps clarify what design thinking is and the role it can play in a business.

Below are some highlights. The full article can be found on the Fast Company website.

Design thinking is a tool to be used appropriately. It might help to illuminate an answer but it is not the answer in […]

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Kinder Surprise – Old vs New

OK this isn’t a game changer but this is a great example of how design can be applied to make small but meaningful improvements. Case in point, I recently discovered Kinder Surprises new & improved inner egg. The old one’s we’re hard to open, 2 pieces, looked & felt dollar store cheap, and were overall a mismatch to the quality and unique toy inside. The new egg has been carefully considered with a live hinge allowing it to be one piece never loosing the other half, surface detail making it easier to open, and mate texture that feels good to the touch. It’s these small improvements that can enhance the users experience.

consumer electronic show 2011

Best of CES 2011

Walking CES this year it was evident this was another prolific year in the world of electronics. Check out our round up on what we saw and stood out for us at CES 2011

consumer electronics show 2011 trends

CES 2011 Trends

Each year, as we walk the floors of the Consumer Electronic Show, a few common themes emerge. This year, a few trends that stood out for us were 3D TV and Networked TV, tablets, smart appliances and more. CES 2011 trends overview

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Magnetic Genius

Recently I discovered Reelights, this clever magnetic product eliminates the need to think about bike lights again! No scrambling around in my bag hunting for them or worst yet you’ve forgotten them they’re in your other bag at home, no flat or tired battery issues, no switch and always on when you need them. They work by fixing two magnets to the spokes. When the wheel spins, the magnetic field causes a current to run in copper wires inside the lamp housing. Power is stored in a capacitor, so the LED lights will stay lit when you stop, and the output is steady, regardless of your speed – Genius.

sprint overdrive on 24hrs tv show

Overdrive saves the day on 24

Sprint’s Overdrive, designed by White Box Design, comes and saves the day on Fox’s tv serie 24 (season 8/episode 21).

Character Chloe O’Brien uses the 4G mobile internet device to bypass CTU security and quickly sets up a network to access information that will later save Jack Bauer’s life.

Come check out the scene.

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Less is More: Dynafit Touring Bindings

This winter season, I treated myself and bought Dynafit Alpine Touring bindings (alpine touring is a form of hors-piste skiing involving traveling on skis under human power). I say “treated” because I simply can’t get over this masterpiece of design. Why do I love these? Because:
– They are the lightest on the market for maximum functionality. The minimal use of materials forces each component to serve multiple functions. Absolutely no waste of material.

Sprint Overdirve Industrial Design

Sprint Overdirve Industrial Design Case Study

Curious about the process a design team goes through to design and develop a product like the Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot? See our step by step case study of White Box Design’s product development process in collaboration with Sierra Wireless […]

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White Box Design down under

Telstra Australia picks up White Box’s latest design, the 312u USB Modem produced by Sierra Wireless. The 312u is a sleek clean form with a multi directional metal hinge. This combination provides a durable and premium product experience. Functionally it’s very flexible allowing the user to plug the modem into nearly any orientated port and in conjunction the mechanism helps prevent damage to the port and/or device if it’s accidentally bumped. Looking forward to the true test, the reviews…

Luke Joins the Cast of Entourage

Digital Payment’s Parking Meter Luke has join the cast of the popular HBO series Entourage. Check out the excerpt featuring Luke. Luke was designed by our staff while at Karo Design.