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"AT&T now carrying White Box Design product"

The USB 308 modem fits seamlessly into AT&T’s visual brand language and product line. Integrating the cap into the overall form creates a clean and simple aesthetic that’s complimented by the elegant detail of the soft touch thumb grip. The USB 308 was designed by White Box Design for Sierra Wireless.

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3D Felt

Using the soft and rich natural properties of felt, Felt for Architecture is a collection of handmade three-dimensional carpets and wall hangings and is created in collaboration with architect Claudio Varone and felt artist Anneke Copier Wool being naturally fire resistant allows it to be used in commercial and residential applications. And thanks to its three-dimensional character, it also has great sound absorbing properties. The material can be manufactured in the form of panels, tapestry and upholstery, allowing for a wide variety of applications including walls, flooring, and furniture.

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Designed Humanitarian

Problem solving is at the core of design thinking. You take a complex problem and develop a solution that balances the needs of everyone involved. Architect Mohammed Rezwan has identified a huge human right problem after growing up in Bangladesh, one of the wettest climates in the world. Heavy rains in the monsoon season combined with global warming, is causing extreme flooding. This extreme weather makes daily activities practically impossible, often forcing schools and other key services to close or be inaccessible.

Rezwan has developed a brilliant solution to allow students to adapt to these extreme conditions – by bringing […]

Polycom CX Phones for Microsoft Lync

Polycom CX Phones for Microsoft Lync Case Study

White Box Design’s latest family of phones for Polycom builds on their partnership with Microsoft and are optimized for Microsoft’s Lync environment. This family of IP phones includes both desktop phones, the CX600 & CX500 and the conference phone, CX3000. Learn more about this product through our case study

250U 3G/4G Modem for Sprint.

They Love It

Sprint’s 250U Modem reviews:
PC Magazine: ” The Sierra Wireless 250U is the best way to get an individual Mac or PC onto Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks.”
CNET: “Great performance, nice look – happy camper…” “First, I like the way it looks, second I like the way it works.”
Engadget: “… and the minuscule design sure makes it more attractive than those prone-to-snapping alternatives.”
Softpedia Gadgets: “…the Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem 250U from Sierra Wireless, a mobile broadband solution that speeds up to… at the same time looking extremely cool. And we’re…” […]

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Beautiful Billboard

Blurring the worlds of art & architecture this bee like swarm of metal rods frames a billboard that is nothing but a clear view across the Washington/ British Columbia Peace Arch Boarder crossing. This intriguing and delicate looking structure is the brain child of Lead Pencil Studio titled ‘Non Sign II’. Made from thousands of varying length stainless rods that are painstakingly welded and twisted together, Non Sign II makes us blatantly aware of how billboards and signs have become synonymous in our ever day landscape.
Check out the construction and installation video

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Liquid Art

Italian artist Alberto Seveso has created a stunning series of liquid art using coloured varnish in a fishbowl. The varnish swells in the fishbowl, stretches and then folds on top of itself. The effect is an incredible rich display of form and colour.


Giant Jelly Bean

With a stunning seamless form and mirror like finish, this giant jelly bean is one of the most impressive and interactive public sculptures of recent times. Located in Chicago’s Millennium Park it’s made of 168 highly polished stainless steel plates, and stands at 33 feet high, 66 feet long, 42 feet wide and weighs 110 tons. In the center is a 9ft high tunnel, allowing you to be surrounded by the mirrored form and experience being reflected/morphed like never before. The success of Anish Kapoor’s sculpture has to be that all walks of life can enjoy and interact with this truly brilliant piece of art.

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Inflatable Metal

At first glance you might think these are your typical inflatable beach like toys, a whimsical idea that isn’t functionally feasible.
Well think again, using a similar process but swapping materials Architects Oscar Zieta and materials scientist Philipp Dohmen have developed a process that takes two thin sheets of metal and welds them together along their seams, and then inflates them through a hole with high pressure using water or air.
With this technique, the metal finds its optimum shape and therefore becomes incredibly strong. When put to the test, their ‘Plopp’ stool was able to hold 2.5 tons!

The Boring Old Barcode Meets Design

Why not apply our creative thinking to the most common element in our consumer world? Well D-Barcode, a company in Japan, is using design to creatively change barcodes into whimsical and complementary visual features on our everyday purchases. With this fresh take, hopefully the barcode can move into a more prominent area where we don’t have to search the packaging high and low to find it.