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Polycom New Conference Phones

Polycom Launches a New Era in Conference Phones

This is not your grandfather’s conference phone. This is the new IP5000 Conference Phone designed by the team here at White Box Design.

Working within the constraints to design a product with a smaller foot print without compromising performance and functionality, we focused on evolving what’s become Polycom’s iconic three spoke brand into a more contemporary form factor. This is complemented with the very unique and very functional grill pattern that we hope will also become synonymous with their iconic three spokes.

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Giddy Up!

A clever take on the classic tire swing. It’s impeccably executed using the tires unique properties to create a beautiful and practical design. Every piece is meticulously cut and assembled just using nuts and bolts.
Your typical tire swing turned “Black Stallion”.

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Sprint’s Overdrive 3G/4G Launched at 2010 CES

White Box Design was instrumental in designing Sprint’s latest broadband/WiFi solution the Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot launched today at the Consumer Electronic Show.

Overdrive is the first 4G mobile hotspot proven to be 10x faster than a 3G network. It can link up to five Wi-Fi devices simultaneously and it’s also the first dual-mode device of its kind, […]

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Carmanah EverGen Solar redesigned

Carmanah Technologies wanted to enhance the perceived value of the EverGEN Solar Light Engine unit with a new aesthetic. White Box Design developed and recommended a visual design language strategy of “high-tech, “robust” and “professional”. Simple details like the silver band running around the product help make it look thinner and more high-tech. We also worked with Carmanah to design a bracket that needed to be strong visually and physically as well as being easy to adjust and cost effective to manufacture.

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Kensington PocketType Keyboard

Kensington, manufacturers of computer accessories, wanted a compact yet fully functional keyboard that would easily snap onto a range of Handspring PDA’s. White Box Design’s key challenges for the PocketType design were size – how could a standard QWERTY keyboard and scroll wheel fit so that it is easy and comfortable to use, and attachment – the PDA had not been designed to allow for attachments along the bottom edge. The PocketType received a rave review from LA Times technology writer Mark Kneller, who praised its superior design and ease of use.

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Cray, Iconic visual design for breakthrough technology

Cray is a global supercomputer manufacturer. We worked with Cray on the design of the MTA-1 and MTA-2 supercomputer housing. The goal was to provide a visual design that would be iconic and a fundamentally new look for their industry to highlight their breakthrough multi-threaded architecture machine.

Given the scale of these units, one of the key challenges was to design panels that were cost effective to manufacture and allow for easy access into the unit.

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Microvision’s Success Rate Increased from 40% to 75%

Microvision had a problem, some first time users did not know how to correctly use their new Flic Bar Code Scanner. They approached us about adding some instructions on the back of the product that would communicate the key use sequence. The final solution incorporated a permanent back label and a removable front label that clearly communicated that an audio “Beep” equals success. The results – the successful scan rate increased from 40% to 75% with first time users.

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Orion Packaging: The Flex Series Identity

Orion Packaging manufactures heavy duty stretch wrapping equipment for stabilizing pallet loads. White Box assisted Orion with the design of their new Flex Series, including: The Flex Series identity, overall look of the product, film replacement and feed instructions, control panel layout and graphics. The process involved working closely with engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and sales teams to develop solutions that would meet all their needs.

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Lexis X2 Cubic Parking Meter

The challenge for White Box Design was to move from the existing utilitarian off street meters to an on-street solution that would fit into a vibrant urban streetscape. The result was the X2, “a massive improvement in design appearance presenting an ideal look for downtown settings. The interface is user friendly with lots of options available in a small unit.” Another unique aspect of the design is the case ductile steel fascia bezel which secures cash and components on the inside while at the same time enhances the visual appeal of the product.

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Extreme Dustpan: Unique look and function

Extreme Dustpan wanted to develop a unique new product that would make clean-up work around the house and garden easier by combining the functions of a dustpan and a pail.
White Box Design was challenged to develop a unique form for this product that would communicate its multi-functions and be appealing to its target market. We also needed to design a product that was easy to use and cost effective to manufacture and ship. The final solution incorporates a large bucket like handle making it easy to carry as well as smaller handle on the top and end.