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Innate Growler

Innate Growler – Best of both worlds

Over the past holiday I was lucky enough to receive one of these beauties full. The Innate Growler has a classic form factor and the functionality is bang on. This was proven from the get go as it sat in our fridge for over a week, I know this sounds sacrilegious but on rare occasions supply can outweigh demand. Finally we popped it open and to our surprise the beer was as […]

CES 2015 trends

CES 2015 Trends

At CES 2015 the overwhelming trend across almost all market segments continues to be “connectivity”, due in large part to those mobile smart devices we all carry and the relatively low cost of sensors.
This year Drones were a big feature. Unlike 3D TV’s (non existent / maybe dead?) we think drones are here to stay especially as we see drone technology from the commercial landscape move into the consumer market. Another segment that is full of surprises and bigger than ever are the companies born out of crowd funding. Crowd funding has sparked a lot of innovation from the cross pollination of market categories, technology and hardware, and CES is now a natural stepping stone for showing off their products, progress and getting wider traction. To see more check out our summary of this year’s CES 2015 Trends

Best of CES 2015

Best of CES 2015

Here at White Box Design we ring in the New Year with our annual pilgrimage to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas CES 2015. It gives us a chance to see what’s happening in the very wide, sometimes wacky, and always enlightening world of electronics. Take a look at what we thought were the stand outs at this years CES.

Hacking IKEA

Hacking IKEA

After several busy months in the studio we’re back! On the ‘to-do’ list has been some binge podcast listening now that we have a bit of breathing room. 99% Invisible Design (see earlier post) is a staple around here and when you get a chance, Episode 128: Hacking IKEA is definitely worth a listen. It dives into the not so under world of hacking IKEA stuff and highlights a passionate, dedicated and […]

The Drinkable Book

The Drinkable Book – Brilliant by Design

The Drinkable Book is a multi-functional device that not only communicates safe drinking water in developing countries but actually purifies water too. The key component in this water purifying device is the unique properties of the rusty coloured paper. The paper acts like a high tech coffee filter. […]

Winter Olympics Gear

Winter Olympics Gear

The New York Times recently put together a great interactive article that gives a close and personal look at some of the gear from past and present Winter Olympics. You will probably never see these at the local sports shop but thanks to the beautiful images we get an intimate look at their form, details, and evolution. Here are some of our highlights […]

Type - Visual Design Language

Visual Design Language

Here at White Box Design identifying and defining the “Visual Design Language” is a key component before we start exploring or sketching any new project. It directs us as to how this product should look, feel and be used.
To see this in action click here

CES 2014 trends

CES 2014 Trends

At CES 2014 the overwhelming trend has been connectivity. We were able to see the potential of everything being connected: from phones to televisions, sports equipment and even our crock pots (Belkin). The automotive industry also showed us how the car will be a significant part of this connectivity not only with your home but with other vehicles. Take a look to see our summary of this year’s CES 2014 Trends.

best of ces 2014

Best of CES 2014

This year the CES 2014 was a massive 1.8 million square feet, 3,200 exhibitors and 152,000 attendees. Unfortunately one cannot see it all but we gave it our best shot. Take a look at what we thought were the stand outs at this years CES.

cabana compact table

Smart Folding Table & Bench Set Product Design

Being able to easily take a table and bench set on outdoor adventures is a real luxury. Or having a spare table around for that holiday season gathering is also a bonus. Enter the Cabana picnic table, an incredibly compact and super functional, all in one product. These are the key reasons why we “Use it, love it”. […]