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Megapro ratchet 5star

Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver User Reviews

Recently we came across the Megapro Ratchet Driver we designed 6+ years ago on Amazon. As a designer of products there is nothing more satisfying than reading real reviews by real users, especially when they reflect the very details and features we work hard to include and perfect. […]

Schindler elevator port kiosk

New, Smart and Responsive Product Design

Over the last 5 years or so, we have seen a huge increase in products learning our habits and routines to become ‘smart’ and responsive to our habits as users. Our electronic devices, like computers and phones, were the first entry into this brave new world. Largely brought on by their inherent software innovation, our desire for ‘easy to use’ electronics and to complete tasks faster, these kinds of products have became the foundation of the virtual/digital domain in ‘smart’ and responsive technology. […]

Polycom's VVX 300 & VVX 400

Polycom VVX 300 & VVX 400 Business Phone User Reviews

Polycom’s VVX 300 and VVX 400 are the newest members of their Business Media Phone family designed by White Box Design. Both models are positioned as entry level models highlighted by the fact that they don’t have touch screens.
The challenge for White Box Design was two pronged. The first was to leverage the visual design language first developed for the VVX 500 (see case study) to find an aesthetic that communicated their entry level proposition but still feels part of the family. The second was find an attractive and functional solution to the greater number of buttons while not increasing the overall foot print. […]

Left Field Cider

Left Field Cider – A Tasty Brew With The Full Package

Left Field Cider Co. is a recent discovery found the tried and true way by simply browsing the shelves. It’s a bit of a cut throat approach but often the best do shine through. Left Field Cider was no exception, the label caught our eye and that is all it can take. Of course you still need to follow through otherwise this relationship will be short lived. With it’s great name and it’s nice balance of humor and visual design the packaging differently encompassed the look and feel of the brand. […]

Fonices corner

Foncie’s Corner: Celebrating The Life Of Foncie Pulice

Foncie’s Corner, is a documentary directed by Melanie Wood, and sponsored by British Columbia’s Knowledge Network that celebrates the life work of street photographer Foncie Pulice.
Foncie shot millions of photographs of people from 1935 through to1979 as they walked along Vancouver’s downtown streets. Often in the entertainment district of Granville Street where locals and visitors a like were in there best wears and ready for a fun night out. With his approachable manner and crafty ability to take a candid photo he has unwittingly documented many moments in time. […]

automated pick up-drop off Drycleaner

Village Cleaners: A 24hr Automated Dry Cleaner

I recently came across the Village Cleaners while on route. At first glance I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Large windows revealed an elaborate track system that eventually meet the outside wall where there was an odd size slot with a screen. With a little bit of investigation I got it. You can drop off and pick up your wears 24/7. Seriously what a great value added service […]

99percent invisible

99% Invisible: A Great Little Podcast About Design

We recently discovered a great little Podcast called 99% Invisible. Produced and written by Roman Mars. 99% covers a wide variety of subjects that all have a connection to design and architecture. A couple of our faves include […]

The Simple Clothesline

Strata’s Super Heavy Duty Clothesline Kit

Sometimes the basic chore of laundry can be a pleasure. With the morning sun shinning on your back and a good birds eye view of the backyard believe it or not the chore of hanging out the laundry can feel as good as that morning coffee (Okay that maybe taking it it a little too far […]

The Eco Cycle: Underground Bike Storage & Sharing System

Bike parking can be a bit of a drag especially when bike racks and space is limited and not to mention it’s somewhat of a gamble at least in North America whether your bike is even still there and not stolen. In Japan they have a perfect solution ‘The Eco Cycle‘. The engineering company Giken Seisakusho have developed a clever automated underground system that from the users stand point couldn’t be easier. The system can store […]

Romotive - Smart Phone Robot

Romotive – Smart Phone Robot

Romo is a small robot that uses your idevice as a brain. Then through using an app you can create his personality and behavior. Romo first got its start after a successful Kickstarter campaign […]