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Things Come Apart book

Things Come Apart: The Beauty Of Disassembling

Things Come Apart is a new book by photographer Todd McLellan documenting the tear down of 50 classic products. The images are beautifully created with their contrasting arrangements and really do document every single part that goes into making some of the most iconic and common products of the 20th and 21st century. Here’s just a few: […]

Sugru - Fix, modify and improve your stuff

Sugru: Fix, Modify, and Improve Your Stuff

Continuing on the theme of hacking/ fixing/ DIY, I recently came across this product called Surgu. Now, we all have gadgets, gear, tools, toys etc that all worked great until that critical part, hinge, clip breaks (the Achilles heal). Or, we have a gadget that would work better if we could just customize it to fit or function better. Enter Surgu, a miracle material that doesn’t seem to have any limits and can be used for a wide variety of applications and materials. […]


Instructables: Share What You Make

Instructables is a great resource for the creative “Do It Yourself(ers) out there. Filled with incredible inventive ideas, recipes, fixes, hacks, you name it it’s probably there in some form. Instructables is built by readers contributing instructions of their own sometimes weird and wonderful projects. From a design handy person perspective I really love the functional repurpose aspect of the solutions. Here’s just a few. […]

iPhone 5 - Beautiful object average design

My iPhone 5 – Beautiful object average design

Now, there are many iPhone 5 reviews and critiques out there, mostly focusing on the specs, performance and OS, with only a small section devoted to the physical domain. Well, not this one. This review focuses solely on the physical, tactile world of the iPhone 5.
Some quick background: I recently upgraded from a 4-year-old Sony phone, so you can see I’m not in the early adopter category. I’ve had my iPhone 5 for about […]

Screwdriver Sweepstakes

White Box Design’s Screwdriver Sweepstakes is On!

Check out our video we created for our Like Us Follow Us Sweepstakes!

MonAmi 153 Pen

MonAmi 153 Ballpoint Pen

The iconic Bic pen is to the rest of the world, what the MonAmi 153 is to South Korea. Largely unheard of outside its home country, the MonAmi 153 ballpoint pen is a fascinating glimpse at what has become an isolated design icon halfway around the globe. A cultural symbol of post-war Korea. I love the simplistic form and retracting mechanism that’s been untouched since its design in 1963. Best of all the 153 is my favorite go to sketcher’s pen, as line weights are smooth and controllable, and the retractable design means there’s no cap to misplace. Use it Love it!. […]

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Polycom SoundStation IP5000 – Foam Model To Final Product

Our design for Polycom’s SoundStation IP5000 is a great example of our process through prototypes, from our very first rough massing model to the final production product. Enjoy.[…]

CES 2013 Trends

CES 2013 Trends

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show was bigger than ever. This year we saw more of an evolution of trends than a radical new direction or market segment. However more than ever before the underlining theme exhibited throughout CES 2013 was the influence of your smart mobile devices. Of course there is the ever expanding eco system of accessories, but the really noticeable change was the ability for your devices to communicate, interact and control a much wider group of everyday products. The most extreme being a fork? Take a look to see our summary of this year’s CES 2013 trends.

best of ces 2013

Best of CES 2013

The 2013 International CES was the largest in the show’s 45+ year history. As we roamed around 3,250 exhibitors unveiling 20,000 new products into a massive 37 football fieldsĀ of exhibit space, certain products resonated with us more than others. Those are the ones we share with you in this year’s White Box’s Best of CES 2013.

  • button-2-0-white-box-design-1sm
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Button 2.0 – The little button that could

Button 2.0 is definitely one of those products that’s so obvious you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it. Provides a solution to an everyday problem and is one very simple product.
Now it’s great having a clever idea but the real challenge is you still need to manufacture, market, and sell it. The missing link is Shapeways, best described as the Kinko’s of 3D […]