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Dinion Infrared Imager NEI-30 / VEI-30

Bosch Launches the Dinion Infrared Imager NEI-30 / VEI-30

White Box Design is proud to announce it’s latest collaboration with Bosch Security, the Extreme Series Dinion Infrared Imager NEI-30 / VEI-30. The result is a complete redesign of their IR imager product line. The new design communicates Bosch’s brand while looking rugged and professional, and being able to perform in extreme environments even with poor lighting conditions. See our Experience page for more details.

Burning Man 2011

Burning Man 2011: Rites of Passage

A year ago, I was surprised with a trip to the Burning Man (BM) festival. For those unfamiliar with the event, Black Rock City is an ephemeral town that exists for only one week each year created by 50,000+ “Burners” as a celebration for radical art. After a week, the city is completely disassembled and partially burned, leaving the stark, white desert exactly as bare as it had been when the event started.
Despite having an adventurous and open mind, I wasn’t enthusiastic at all. The idea of spending a week under brutal and inhospitable conditions of the desert and everything else that it involved based my preconception of the event. Besides, going to Burning Man meant huge preparation as the event is based on the concept of self-sufficiency. Attendees are expected to bring along all their own food, water, shelter and any other supplies and gear they need to live in the desert during […]

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Peter Root’s ‘Ephemicropolis’ – A Staple City Scape

Aptly titled ‘Ephemicroplois‘. Peter Root uses 100,000 staples to painstakingly create a strikingly realistic micro view of a vast cityscape with the staples beautifully conveying the texture of skyscrapers. This was a 40 hour endeavour where staples were broken into thousands of stacks about 12cm high down to single staples, which were meticulously put together to form the different shaped and sized city buildings […]

Bokashi Indoor Composter

Bokashi Indoor Composter: Simple design equals great outcome

Bokashi (Japanese word for fermented matter) indoor composting is an interesting waste management product. This product is all about the outcome rather than the form of the product, which we sometimes as designers forget about. In this case, the simple bucket with the help of Bokashi Bran breaks down all kitchen wastes including dairy, meat and baked goods in just 2 weeks. The process is odor-free, with no insects or rodents. Once the fermentation has completed you can add the scraps to a worm bin or mix them directly into your garden.

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Pakmat Air Bed – Does it all and more

Recently I was on the search for a new camping mattress for our car camping adventures. As this was for our kids my first must have was finding a mattress that was non toxic with no phthalates commonly found in inflatable products. Through a quick google search I came across the Pakmat. From the brief description and user reviews I was sold. This mattress fits the bill and more with it’s well thought […]

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America’s Cup Redesigned

America’s Cup is the Formula One of yacht racing. It is the oldest sporting trophy and until recently has never really had mass audience appeal at least compared to other professional sports. Enter the 34th America’s Cup, with the goal to find new audiences/revenue and in return make it more affordable/attractive for teams and their sponsors, the 34th America’s Cup has under gone a major redesign.
The center piece of this redesign is the move from the more traditional mono haul boat to a multi-hull catamaran. […]

Kickstarter – Witnessing the marvel of crowd funding in real time

OUYA is the latest successfully funded Kickstarter project with plenty of time left to beat out the currently most funded project of all time: the Pebble at $10 million. In short OUYA is a new inexpensive open source game console that brings gaming back to your living room TV using the Andriod OS. Last week on July 10th OUYA was launched and quickly hit the blogosphere on various tech and gear blogs which is where we first read […]

Rolling Through the Bay

Artist Scott Weaver has spend 35 years of his life, 3000hrs and 100 000 toothpicks building this extremely complex replica of San Francisco Bay. The installation called Rolling Through the Bay takes its name from the fact that it features a rolling ball taking you pass major landmarks of the city and the bay. […]

John Cleese on ‘How Creativity Works’

How do you explain creativity? Can creative ideas be processed, where adding effort and time into a process can end in a creative result? Or is it a less quantifiable, mystical occurrence that simply appears one morning in the shower?
John Cleese, from one of his clever and insightful lectures from the 1990s, says it’s neither – but it’s also both. […]

Ship Architecture

Ship Architecture

Each year, thousands of ships from different corners of the world flow through the Port of Vancouver. Rui Nunes is a Vancouver-based architect and photographer who has compiled a series of these man made landscapes with some truly stunning photography. Off Shore is his ongoing catalog which captures the sheer scale and impact of these ships from a new perspective. […]