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CES 2012 Trends

At this years Consumer Electronics Show there were several new trends that stood out for us including: the proliferation of ultrabooks, camera technology, waterproofing, apps controlling home appliances and a lot more. See our CES 2012 trends overview […]

Megapro Ratchet

Megapro Ratchet Driver Case Study

White Box Design’s latest colaboration with Megapro is the professional grade ratchet driver. It incorporates all the tried and true features of Megapro’s existing products with new advancement in ergonomics (tapered comfort grip) and features a new ratchet mechanism.

It is designed, developed and made locally but sold worldwide. Learn more about this product through our case study.

Mapnificent app


Mapnificent is a great new application that allows you to input multiple requirements and provide you with a visual overlay of your transit options within a time frame. Want to live within a 20min transit ride to your work, Mapnificent will provide you with a visual time frame radius based on the local transit routes.

Hopefully with Mapnificents user friendly based capabilities it will encourage more people to explore public transit solutions.

Polycom VVX 500

Polycom VVX 500 Case Study

VVX 500 is White Box Design’s latest collaboration with Polycom. The key challenge in designing this phone was evolving their existing brand equity they had built up from their current Soundpoint IP Phones into a contemporary full featured business media phone for the future. Learn more about the VVX 500’s design process through our case study

at&t usb modem

AT&T picks up another White Box Designed product

AT&T recently launched Momentum 4G. A product designed by White Box Design for Sierra Wireless. The Momentum 4G is the second White Box designed product AT&T have picked up which like the first (USB 308) its clean form fits seamlessly into AT&T’s product line. This product is now sold in the USA, Australia, and Canada.


A Love-Hate Relationship

I love Campagnolo. I also I hate it because of the intricacy of the parts, then the proprietary Campagnolo tools, the useless instructions, not to mention their shocking price in comparison to any other brand. Using Campy parts for the first time building my own bike, I couldn’t help but wonder if the overall hassle is a company tactic to keep their name elitist and mainstream cyclists away? My experience with the brand didn’t come without frustration but despite all that, I love Campagnolo. Once riding them, I forgot all about the pain. These parts have passion and life to them. The robustness and the work that’s gone into them are perceivable and the haptics simply indescribable. It feels real, it works.

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TrackPoint Interface

An interface design left mainly unchanged since its introduction back in 1992 (a largely unheard of feat in the ever-evolving world of electronics), the ‘pointing-stick’ interface has existed in a largely misunderstood and ambiguous state among the everyday user, but has developed a near cult-like following for those who can see past its unorthodox appearance. Admittedly not as intuitive as a modern touchpad or mouse, there is a learning curve to tackle. But once mastered, the TrackPoint system has a set of unique advantages over other interfaces[…]

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Kickstarter Experience: Tembo Trunks

If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter yet, it’s an online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects and it’s where we found the Tembo Trucks project that we pledged to. They are portable, non-electrical silicon rubber amplifier for Apple ear buds. It’s the simplicity and low tech aspect of this product that drew our attention. The whole experience from the pledge to the delivery of the Tembo Trucks was really interesting.  Now that we have had a chance to use them, will they replace a dock? no. But that is not what we expected of them. They are a unique and great option for a quick, easy and portable way to amplify sound from a portable player. 

bodypoint push button buckle industrial design

Bodypoint Push-Button Buckle Case Study

Bodypoint Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality postural support products and wheelchair seating accessories. Research was the biggest aspect of this project and Bodypoint wanted White Box Design because it’s team was unbiased and has extensive research experience with user groups. Through it’s unique research approach White Box Design was able to provide insightful and unbiased assessments and recommendations. Learn more about our process through our case study

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Psychology of Color- Megapro Amigo

The amigo™ is Megapro’s newly released screwdriver designed by White Box. We all know how colors affects our perception of objects and seeing one of our designs sold in bright colours has made us further realize how colour can dramatically change a design. The use of bright colors for the amigo™ screwdriver manufactured by Megapro for Exchange -A -Blade metamorphosed it from the typical shop tool one would find in a toolbox to a more approachable utensil found in a kitchen. It may seem like a very elementary observation but it’s good to be reminded the importance of colour.