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The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL).

Co-op Renaissance

Here in our part of the world we’ve seen a resurgence in cooperative or sharing based organizations, maybe it’s a reflection of the tight economic times or a disinterest in owning stuff that we use so infrequently.  Like in several cities already Vancouvers  new co-op on the block is The Vancouver Tool Library (VTL).  As the name suggests it’s a library full of tools to take out when you need them, and return when you’re finished.  We’ve seen this type of sharing in cars, toys, studio spaces, boats, etc.  This not so new approach is becoming a social change in how we view ownership and value the idea of less is more but can go down to the community tool shed when we need it.

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FitBot Robotic Mannequin

Online clothing shopping seems convenient but since you can’t actually try out the goods until they arrive, the return rates are extremely high and costly for retailers and consumers and the environment. has come up with a very clever solution in the form of a FitBot, a male and female robotic mannequin capable of replicating 2,000 body shapes. Not only the FitBot is a clever idea and as proven to reduce the return rates and increased the sale but the product in itself is astonishingly well executed to the point where it’s slightly disturbing to watch. We thought that this interactive robot would be a great art installation. Wouldn’t it be neat to see it mirror the shape and size of passers-by?

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Megapro Compact Driver by White Box Design

Megapro just launched its new 7in1 Compact driver designed by White Box Design.

This multi-bit driver is a great addition to Megapro’s large family of existing drivers. Its compact size sets it apart from the rest of the Megapro family and makes it ideal for tight spaces or small storage space, like the kitchen drawer.

The Compact features a high quality stainless steel shaft and magnetic bit retention. It’s always a pleasure for us to see these high quality screwdrivers hit the market.

sierria wireless 312u USB modem

Rogers Carrying White Box Design’s 313 Modem

Rogers Communications announced earlier this month that it will launch Sierra Wireless’s 313U USB modem designed by White Box Design. The USB Modem will be launched in Ottawa this summer under LTE Rocket and will provide Ottawa’s residents with a mobile broadband experience similar to what they currently experience at work and at home. According to Rogers, we can expect the design to make it’s way to Vancouver by the end of 2011 and many other cities by 2012.

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White Box Design’s Conference Phone on NBC Chuck

White Box’s design of the SoundStation IP5000 conference phone for Polycom appears regularly on NBC series Chuck. Character Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), computer geek turned government agent, and the rest of the team use the iconic 3 spoke for communication in their conference room.

You can watch an excerpt of of the show, Chuck Versus the Leftovers (Season 4/Episode 10) which features Polycom’s SoundStation IP5000 proudly designed by us!

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MSR WhisperLite, a 20+ Year Relationship

I received my WhisperLite as a Christmas gift from my parents in 1989 and still remember the first camping trip with it near Victoria BC in May 1990.

Since then it has been part of my 20+ years of adventures. Ever dependable. warming food and boiling water as I hiked the remote peaks of British Columbia and traveled along the coast.

It is the small portable hearth that we gather around on a boys trip up a mountain or a family bike camping trip to the Gulf Islands in […]

Polycom's SoundPoint IP Phones

White Box Designed Phones on The Good Wife

Polycom’s SoundPoint IP Phones designed by White Box Design are making a regular appearance on the CBS hit series The Good Wife. Their professional look fits perfectly in the office setting of Lockhart & Gardner where the main characters work as lawyers

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Cima Coppi Cycling Clothing and Accessories

I discovered Cima Coppi when I was offered one of their cycling hats and it’s been a love story ever since. Cima Coppi cycling clothing and accessories are designed and handmade in Vancouver. Why give up style over comfort? Does it have to be one or the other? Unlike most cycling clothing, Cima Coppi proves otherwise and that’s the reasons I like them so much. They are colorful, very stylish and distinctive, breathable and comfortable, extremely durable and functional, but foremost ecological as they are made from recycled wool and shipped locally by bicycle and fit perfectly under a bike helmet.

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What’s Not to Love

I recently found this gem at a garage sale, a vintage Yamaha Receiver R-300. What a beauty it is with qualities that are hard to find in today’s products. The visual language is high end but yet understated with a clean and balanced layout. The haptics are wonderful with smooth indexing in the controls and the dials chamfered edge feels just right with the anodized finish. I love the very small but beautiful touch of colour, a precise recessed 2mm diameter bright red dot marking the dials position. And the best part, its in great working order. A real prosumer product before prosumer was coined a market category.

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SpaceLabs Healthcare launches next gen Ultraview Series

Challenged with designing Spacelabs new line of Ultraview monitors while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum. White Box Design came up with a clean & contemporary look that minimizes the parts by using the same fascia for all three products. Colour is used in combination with detail accents to reflect the different entry, mid & high level models.