Blunt Umbrella

Blunt Umbrella – Consumer Product Design

As the season changes, its a perfect time to introduce our newest ‘Use it Love it’ product: The Blunt Umbrella. Historically, umbrellas have sadly been a bit of a disposable product for me. They last a season, if I’m lucky. Even when you consider better quality versions, they are still more or less all constructed the same way, which eventually leads to the same failure points. […]

Innate Growler

Innate Growler – Best of both worlds

Over the past holiday I was lucky enough to receive one of these beauties full. The Innate Growler has a classic form factor and the functionality is bang on. This was proven from the get go as it sat in our fridge for over a week, I know this sounds sacrilegious but on rare occasions supply can outweigh demand. Finally we popped it open and to our surprise the beer was as […]

cabana compact table

Smart Folding Table & Bench Set Product Design

Being able to easily take a table and bench set on outdoor adventures is a real luxury. Or having a spare table around for that holiday season gathering is also a bonus. Enter the Cabana picnic table, an incredibly compact and super functional, all in one product. These are the key reasons why we “Use it, love it”. […]

The Simple Clothesline

Strata’s Super Heavy Duty Clothesline Kit

Sometimes the basic chore of laundry can be a pleasure. With the morning sun shinning on your back and a good birds eye view of the backyard believe it or not the chore of hanging out the laundry can feel as good as that morning coffee (Okay that maybe taking it it a little too far […]

MonAmi 153 Pen

MonAmi 153 Ballpoint Pen

The iconic Bic pen is to the rest of the world, what the MonAmi 153 is to South Korea. Largely unheard of outside its home country, the MonAmi 153 ballpoint pen is a fascinating glimpse at what has become an isolated design icon halfway around the globe. A cultural symbol of post-war Korea. I love the simplistic form and retracting mechanism that’s been untouched since its design in 1963. Best of all the 153 is my favorite go to sketcher’s pen, as line weights are smooth and controllable, and the retractable design means there’s no cap to misplace. Use it Love it!. […]

  • apple-earpods-headphones-white-box-design-sm1
  • apple-earpods-headphones-white-box-design-sm2
  • apple-earpods-headphones-white-box-design-sm3

Apple EarPods Review

Apple EarPods is our final headphone review installment in ‘Using them Loving them’. […]

  • grado-sr60i_review_white-box-design-1
  • grado-sr60i_review_white-box-design-2
  • grado-sr60i_review_white-box-design-3

Grado Labs SR60i Headphone Review

In the world of precision-engineered headphones with premium materials (and price tags), Grado Labs decides to plunk a quality sound driver into a utilitarian housing, and calls it a day. In doing so, they’ve developed an adoring audiophile fanbase myself included for their no-nonsense philosophy […]

  • klipsch-image-one-stereo-headphones-white-box-design-1sm
  • klipsch-image-one-stereo-headphones-white-box-design-2sm
  • klipsch-image-one-stereo-headphones-white-box-design-3sm

Klipsch Image One – Headphone Review

Klipsch Image One is our second to last headphone review. […]

  • bose-quitecomfort-15-headphones-white-box-design-1-sm
  • bose-quitecomfort-15-headphones-white-box-design-2-sm
  • bose-quitecomfort-15-headphones-white-box-design-3-sm

Bose Quietcomfort 15 Headphone Review

In an on going series of ‘Using them and loving them’, a review of the Bose Quietcomfort 15 headphones […]

  • bowers-wilkins-p5-headphones-white-box-design-sm1
  • bowers-wilkins-p5-headphones-white-box-design-sm2
  • bowers-wilkins-p5-headphones-white-box-design-sm3

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphone Review

Using them and loving them, a review of my almost perfect Bower & Wilkins P5 Headphones […]