Megapro – T Handle Nut Driver Industrial Design

The T Handle Nut Driver is White Box Designs latest Industrial Design collaboration with Megapro. Evolving Megapro’s visual brand language into a T shape form factor that was cost effective and adaptable for multiple sizes were key areas of focus. […]

Arius3D industrial design

Arius3D – 3D Scanner Industrial Design

Arius3D, a leader in laser-based optical 3D scanning systems recently launched their latest flagship laser scanner the ‘Arius3D Identik 300R‘. White Box Design took a collaborative approach in the industrial design of this new portable product. The only 3D scanner using direct colour measurement to quantify and collect points containing both geometry and colour. Art museums and galleries are using this to scan their masterpieces and produce incredibly accurate replicas using 3D printing technology. […]

White Box Product Design MYLE TAP - Wearable Thought Catcher

MYLE TAP – Wearable Thought Catcher Product Design

A big congratulations to the MYLE team on reaching their funding goal for MYLE TAP designed by White Box Design.
“MYLE TAP is a touch-activated wearable voice recorder that helps you take notes and launch applications without having to touch your smartphone. Just tap MYLE TAP and say your thought, idea or instruction – MYLE TAP will instantly memorize it and take care of the rest.” […]

Megapro ratchet 5star

Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver User Reviews

Recently we came across the Megapro Ratchet Driver we designed 6+ years ago on Amazon. As a designer of products there is nothing more satisfying than reading real reviews by real users, especially when they reflect the very details and features we work hard to include and perfect. […]

Polycom's VVX 300 & VVX 400

Polycom VVX 300 & VVX 400 Business Phone User Reviews

Polycom’s VVX 300 and VVX 400 are the newest members of their Business Media Phone family designed by White Box Design. Both models are positioned as entry level models highlighted by the fact that they don’t have touch screens.
The challenge for White Box Design was two pronged. The first was to leverage the visual design language first developed for the VVX 500 (see case study) to find an aesthetic that communicated their entry level proposition but still feels part of the family. The second was find an attractive and functional solution to the greater number of buttons while not increasing the overall foot print. […]

Screwdriver Sweepstakes

White Box Design’s Screwdriver Sweepstakes is On!

Check out our video we created for our Like Us Follow Us Sweepstakes!

  • polycom-soundstation-ip5000-white-box-design-1
  • polycom-soundstation-ip5000-white-box-design-2
  • polycom-soundstation-ip5000-white-box-design-3
  • polycom-soundstation-ip5000-white-box-design-4
  • polycom-soundstation-ip5000-white-box-design-5

Polycom SoundStation IP5000 – Foam Model To Final Product

Our design for Polycom’s SoundStation IP5000 is a great example of our process through prototypes, from our very first rough massing model to the final production product. Enjoy.[…]

Polycom VVX 600

Polycom launches the new VVX 600

White Box Design is proud to announce it’s latest collaboration with Polycom, the VVX 600. This is the newest addition to their premium family of Business Media Phones. Building on the visual design language White Box Design developed for the smaller VVX 500 (see case study) , the VVX 600 is wider to accommodate the larger touch screen. The overall larger proportions elevate […]

Dinion Infrared Imager NEI-30 / VEI-30

Bosch Launches the Dinion Infrared Imager NEI-30 / VEI-30

White Box Design is proud to announce it’s latest collaboration with Bosch Security, the Extreme Series Dinion Infrared Imager NEI-30 / VEI-30. The result is a complete redesign of their IR imager product line. The new design communicates Bosch’s brand while looking rugged and professional, and being able to perform in extreme environments even with poor lighting conditions. See our Experience page for more details.

  • polycom-duo-soundstation-white-box-design-1
  • polycom-duo-soundstation-white-box-design-2
  • polycom-duo-soundstation-white-box-design-3
  • polycom-duo-soundstation-white-box-design-4

Polycom Launches The Duo Conference Phone

Polycom’s SoundStation Duo is the latest addition to the new family of conference phones designed by White Box Design. Building on the successful visual design language from the SoundStation IP5000, the Duo has a larger foot print and enhanced audio capability for midsize rooms. It also has the ability to work on either analog or VOIP networks. One of the key challenges was to keep the keypad area as small as possible while not compromising the ergonomics and usability. […]