automated pick up-drop off Drycleaner

Village Cleaners: A 24hr Automated Dry Cleaner

I recently came across the Village Cleaners while on route. At first glance I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Large windows revealed an elaborate track system that eventually meet the outside wall where there was an odd size slot with a screen. With a little bit of investigation I got it. You can drop off and pick up your wears 24/7. Seriously what a great value added service […]

Romotive - Smart Phone Robot

Romotive – Smart Phone Robot

Romo is a small robot that uses your idevice as a brain. Then through using an app you can create his personality and behavior. Romo first got its start after a successful Kickstarter campaign […]

best of ces 2013

Best of CES 2013

The 2013 International CES was the largest in the show’s 45+ year history. As we roamed around 3,250 exhibitors unveiling 20,000 new products into a massive 37 football fieldsĀ of exhibit space, certain products resonated with us more than others. Those are the ones we share with you in this year’s White Box’s Best of CES 2013.

Levitated Mass

Levitated Mass – The rock has landed

Levitated Mass. A 340 tonne rock has landed on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). 40 years in the making artist Michael Heizer vision is finally realized. Perched on a trench 456′ long, 15′ wide that gradually descends 15′ deep giving the perception that the rock is levitating as you walk down. […]

Vancouver Inspiration Pass

Vancouver Inspiration Pass

Who doesn’t like being a tourist in their own town and be able to be inspired at the same time, well as of Nov 1st Vancouverites have an opportunity to do it for free with the Vancouver Inspiration Pass available through Vancouver’s Public Library VPL.
Here’s the pitch:
“Opening the door to exciting experiences and fun things to see and do across the city, the Vancouver Inspiration Pass is a free cultural and recreational pass program that allows individuals, families and […]