Industrial Design Enhances Functionality in Medical Products

White Box Design works with Bodypoint to design medical products and instructions for use.

Bodypoint specializes in state-of-the-art wheelchair seating and positioning aids. Recent projects include:

Push Button Buckle – Bodypoint’s goal was to develop the first Push Button buckle especially designed for wheelchair seating and positioning. Specific design objectives included a higher quality, more desirable appearance, increased functionality, reduced cost and reduced inventory (replacing several buckles with one). White Box Design collaborated with Bodypoint on both research and design. Research was key to obtain unbiased input and insight from the users and design team. Insight from the research led to a solution with three interchangeable covers – allowing Bodypoint to replace three products with a single, more versatile product. Not only did the final design meet Bodypoint’s design and cost goals, but the product has been universally accepted by customers and is a huge success for Bodypoint.  Read full case study

The Cinch Mount – This specialty fitting was designed to enable easy installation and secure fastening of Bodypoint’s Hip Belts onto wheelchairs. With 21 patentable features, this product’s unique functionality has enhanced Bodypoint’s profile and recognition in the industry.

Ankle Hugger Instructions – White Box Design’s product expertise enabled us to generate easy-to-understand, step-by-step illustrations requiring minimal text. A single set of product instructions can now be used in more than 8 countries.