Found in over 250 cities, that's Industrial Design Success

White Box’s product design team helped Digital Payment enter the growing market of payment collection for on-street municipal parking.

Visual design and ease of use were key aspects in the final purchasing decision. Before starting on the design, a visual design language of “retro inspired contemporary design” was established that would set Digital Payment apart from its competitors. The visual design of Luke* was built on the familiar round top meter head, with a simple user interface running top to bottom. Product graphics and instructions were integral in the development process.

Luke has been a great success and can now be seen on the streets of over 250 cities in North America, including Vancouver, Houston, Anchorage, Beverly Hills and Seattle.

White Box Design has also helped Digital Payment develop the user interface design of its unique Extend-by-Phone service, allowing customers to extend their parking remotely using text (SMS) messaging.

*Designed while at Karo Design