Over 4 million at work = Great Product Design

White Box Design has helped drive Megapro’s international success by designing products that are visually and emotionally appealing, great to use, and communicate Megapro’s brand language.

Megapro manufactures multi-bit screwdrivers that incorporate the company’s unique patented pullout bit cartridge.

Our product designs for Megapro include:

Ratcheting – this professional driver has several enhanced features include a rubber grip, tapered shape for improved ergonomics and a locking ratchet.  Read full case study

Amigo – this driver was specifically designed as a product for home use. Its smaller size and bright colors make it more akin to a kitchen utensil than a shop tool.

Compact – building on the Amigo design, this smaller version of the Megapro driver demonstrates how a simple design change from bright colors to black and the addition of a stainless steel shaft transforms this product effortlessly from a home to shop tool.

MegaLok – this driver features a unique quick change chuck that locks the bit into place. The unique design feature is the rubber collar that allows users to grip and release the bit easily.

Original 15-in-1 – the design of the Original 15-in-1 driver was so successful that it increased sales by 40% in the first year.  This Megapro bestseller has been on the market for over 15 years.

After working with Megapro for almost 20 years, we are proud to have over 4 million drivers we designed at work in the marketplace.