40% reduction in parts
using Industrial Design

Achieving great product design resulted in integrating a unique speaker technology into a sleek visual design

These products integrate a unique planar magnetic speaker technology developed by Sonigistix and Level 9 Sound Design.

The design goal was to create a new and unique look that would highlight the products unique planar magnetic technology and set them apart from traditional speakers while balancing acoustic, manufacturing and cost requirements. Our designs included:

Home Speaker – we designed three products for this unique family of planar magnetic speakers – the entry-level FPF-600, the mid-range FPF-1000 and premium FPF-1600. A unique and appropriate visual design was key in this process, so we started with developing a visual language strategy of Contemporary, Thin (to highlight the planar technology) and Hi-Tech. The wood provides a nice warmth and audio quality, while the floating perforated metal grill provides a techy look.*

PM7 & PM9 Multimedia Speaker – as these speakers were an entry-level product, cost margins were a key factor in the design. Our unique solution was to design the speaker component to be so beautiful that it would not need to be encased in a housing. This reduced the number of parts by 40%. This solution also allowed us to use richer materials and keep the product thin (to highlight the unique planar technology). Another unique aspect of the design was the control unit, which contains all the key controls and can be handheld or mounted on either speaker base.*

*Designed while at Karo Design