Product Design for
Polycom for 10+ years

As a top product design firm in Vancouver, White Box Design has worked with Polycom for over 10 years and have designed many of their successful products.

VVX 600, 500, 400 and 300 Business Media Phones – Designed to be Polycom’s next generation of desktop phones, the design needed to build on the existing SoundPoint IP family design language but look more contemporary and have enhanced performance. Key elements like the three vertical bands and silver accent color were carried through to achieve this goal. The design for the VVX 600 and 500 also includes a touch screen with buttons for high use functions only, such as dialing, home and audio control.  Read full case study

CX Family, Optimized for Microsoft Lync – The design for this family of Polycom phones builds on the company’s partnership with Microsoft. The family includes the CX600 & CX500 Desktop phones and the CX3000 Conference Phone. Key design requirements were to maintain the Polycom product identity while being unique to Microsoft, to communicate Polycom’s key brand element – “high quality audio”, and to develop an adjustable base that is easy to use, strong and cost effective.  Read full case study

SoundStation IP5000 Conference Phone – Although clearly a Polycom product building on the iconic three spoke brand language, this is not your grandfather’s conference phone!  One of the key aspects of this design is the larger grill section, highlighting Polycom’s renowned audio capability. This new grill pattern accomplishes many goals – it communicates 360o audio, creates a unique visual texture, provides the required opening for good audio, and is cost effective to manufacture. This new conference phone was the first in a family of products designed by White Box Design, including the SoundStation Duo and the CX3000.

SoundStation Duo Conference Phone – this conference phone builds on the success of the IP5000 design, taking its design language and extending it into a family of products. This conference phone is the ‘bigger brother’, larger in size with enhanced audio capability.

The SoundPoint IP family – This family of phones started with the design of Polycom’s first VoIP phone, the IP501. As one of the first VoIP phones on the market, the goal was to create an aesthetic that would set the IP501 apart from traditional phone technology. This aesthetic (design language) grew into an entire family of phones including the Soundpoint IP670 & 650, Soundpoint IP560 & 550, the Soundpoint IP450, SoundPoint IP335 & 321/331 and the SoundPoint Expansion Module.

Interactive Tutorial – The interactive tutorial was created to give an overview of the phone’s key features & benefits and provide instructions on how to use it. This interactive tutorial enables the viewer to select specific elements of the phone they want to be informed/educated on. The tutorial offers all the navigation required for the user to find the desired information by scrolling through menus and giving them all the video controls needed to satisfy the user’s learning experience. Click here for the full interactive experience.