Industrial Design Portfolio - Success for a wide range of clients.

White Box’s industrial design portfolio covers all aspects of product design. It reflects our expertise and dedication to exploring and designing innovative and appropriate solutions to build on your business success.

We collaborate with a wide variety of companies from start-ups and entrepreneurs like Arius and Megapro to mid size organizations like Bodypoint and larger multinationals like Polycom, Bosch and 3M.

Our industrial design portfolio covers a diverse range of markets including:

Consumer products:

Megapro manufacturers multi bit screwdrivers here in Vancouver. White Box Design helped drive Megapro’s international success by designing products that are visually and emotionally appealing, great to use and visually communicate Megapro’s brand language.

Sierra Wireless based in the Vancouver area manufacturers mobile broadband modems. White Box has designed numerous products for their North American, Australian and European markets. The industrial design directive was to make their USB products look like a modem (as opposed to a memory stick), be versatile (for use with both horizontal and vertical USB jacks and in tight spaces) and for it to be robust (not a protruding rigid stick that could be broken off). 

Enterprise Products:

We have designed multiple products for Polycom who make Voip conference and desk based phones. We have been working with Polycom for over 10 years, designing many of their most successful products. Evolving their visual design language to be more contemporary and enhancing the functionality have been the key focus in the industrial design on all the Polycom products in our portfolio.

Bosch’s Extreme Series of surveillance cameras needed to visually communicate Bosch’s brand while looking rugged and professional. The design brief also required it to perform in extreme environments with poor lighting conditions.

Rounding out our industrial design portfolio of enterprise products is Arius3D, a Vancouver based startup that’s developed a laser-based optical 3D scanning systems. Our Industrial Design team was challenged to re-design their flagship product, the Arius3D Identik 300R laser scanner.
The visual design language needed to be professional to communicate it’s high value and precision. Functionally the unit needed to be robust, easy to move and internals accessible for servicing.

Medical Products:

Bodypoint located in Seattle area manufacturers wheelchair seating and positioning aids. White Box Design works with Bodypoint to design both their products and instructions.

Spacelabs Healthcare also based in the Seattle area manufactures a range of medical products. White Box Design worked with Spacelabs to design their new family of Ultraview SL Monitors. The product design focused on evolving the existing Spacelabs aesthetic to look more contemporary and communicate the value difference between the units in a cost effective manufacturing process.

Industrial Products:

3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Products division manufacturers a range of products for detecting various types of lethal gases. White Box designed a family of gas detector products that are visually cohesive and rugged looking, while also being easy to operate.

Pro Mach has a network of brands that are leading providers of industrial packaging equipment and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, and pharmaceutical companies. Our industrial design portfolio includes projects where we improved their equipment’s design, usability and branding.