Enhanced usability
and strong brand presence,
Successful Product Design

Our product design portfolio includes projects with Pro Mach where we improved their design, usability and the branding of their products.

Pro Mach has a network of brands that are leading providers of industrial packaging equipment and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, and pharmaceutical companies.

White Box Design works with many Pro Mach brands to improve their design, usability and the branding of their products.  These brands include Wexxar, BEL, iPak, Axon, Matrix, Orion, Allpax and Dekka. The two key areas of focus is to enhance usability and create a strong brand presence.  Enhanced usability enables operators to easily understand, locate and modify settings and controls. This is achieved through use instructions, control identification, warning labels, maintenance labels and other identifiers. White Box Design’s second area of focus is to work closely with the brands to create a strong brand presence to improve the cohesive look across their product offerings and have greater market recognition. This is achieved by enhancing their equipments visual design and creating an appropriate and consistent branding system.

The design process starts with first-hand research in the factories with operators and technicians. The key element in the design process is testing and validation, where proposed designs are mocked up in full-size and applied to the equipment for review and feedback. Once the units are tested in real-life factory use, final adjustments are made to the labels.

White Box Design created marketing and instructional video’s to help communicate key product features (marketing) and ease of use (adjustment).  These build on the product graphics and the illustrative instructions we’ve previously done.  Both the marketing style video and the tutorial could be used on many different platforms including: web, apps (tablets and smartphones) on the machines touch screen HMI, etc.