Integrated product design and graphic user interface (GUI) design

White Box Design collaborated with Sierra Wireless on numerous industrial design projects for the North American, Australian and European markets.

Sierra Wireless manufactures modems and software, connecting people using mobile broadband networks.

White Box designed numerous products including:

AirCard® W801 & 802S Mobile Hotspot – This product is carried by Sprint as the Overdrive & Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot and as the Clear Spot4G+ Personal Hotspot for Clearwire. We were involved in all aspects of the design including appearance usability, functionality and the graphic user interface (GUI).  Read full case study

AirCard® 312U, 313U, and 320U USB Modems – This product is carried by AT&T as the USB Connect Momentum 4G, as the BigPond USB 4G by Telstra and as the LTE Rocket by Rogers.

AirCard® 250U USB Modem – This product is carried by Sprint as the 3G/4G USB Modem 250U and as the Clear 4G+ Mobile USB: Series S Modem by Clearwire.

The design directive from Sierra Wireless was to make its USB products look like a modem (as opposed to a memory stick), be versatile (for use with both horizontal and vertical USB jacks and in tight spaces) and be robust (not a protruding rigid stick that could be broken off). Our design addresses these issues by creating forms that are not typical of USB memory sticks.  The thin design looks more elegant and high-tech, and the hinging and rotating USB mechanism achieves the desired versatility. Rich materials were used on the hinge and sides to elevate the value and make the product look more jewel-like, rather than a disposable product.