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Sierra Wireless Greg Speakman – VP Marketing

“The White Box team works collaboratively with all aspects of the Sierra Wireless team – Engineering, Sales, and Marketing. Our customers are drawn to the resultant designs which make our AirCard® products unique and set us apart in a competitive global market.”

Sierra Wireless

White Box Design collaborated with Sierra Wireless on numerous industrial design projects for the North American, Australian and European markets. Sierra Wireless manufactures modems and software, connecting people using mobile broadband networks. White Box designed numerous products including: AirCard® W801 & 802S Mobile Hotspot – This product is carried by Sprint as the Overdrive & […]

at&t usb modem

AT&T picks up another White Box Designed product

AT&T recently launched Momentum 4G. A product designed by White Box Design for Sierra Wireless. The Momentum 4G is the second White Box designed product AT&T have picked up which like the first (USB 308) its clean form fits seamlessly into AT&T’s product line. This product is now sold in the USA, Australia, and Canada.

sierria wireless 312u USB modem

Rogers Carrying White Box Design’s 313 Modem

Rogers Communications announced earlier this month that it will launch Sierra Wireless’s 313U USB modem designed by White Box Design. The USB Modem will be launched in Ottawa this summer under LTE Rocket and will provide Ottawa’s residents with a mobile broadband experience similar to what they currently experience at work and at home. According to Rogers, we can expect the design to make it’s way to Vancouver by the end of 2011 and many other cities by 2012.

Sprint Overdirve Industrial Design

Sprint Overdirve Industrial Design Case Study

Curious about the process a design team goes through to design and develop a product like the Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot? See our step by step case study of White Box Design’s product development process in collaboration with Sierra Wireless […]

Sprint overdrive industrial design case study

Overdrive Product Design (Case Study)

Curious about the process a design team goes through to design and develop a product like the Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot? Below is a step by step overview of White Box Design’s product development process in collaboration with Sierra Wireless.

The best way to start any project is to listen to the client and clearly understand their requirements. We find its best to document what we have heard in a simple and highly visual document that is both easy for the client to review (to ensure they have been heard correctly) and a document the design team will actually read (not a booklet of words.) Sierra Wireless wanted a solution that would […]

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White Box Design down under

Telstra Australia picks up White Box’s latest design, the 312u USB Modem produced by Sierra Wireless. The 312u is a sleek clean form with a multi directional metal hinge. This combination provides a durable and premium product experience. Functionally it’s very flexible allowing the user to plug the modem into nearly any orientated port and in conjunction the mechanism helps prevent damage to the port and/or device if it’s accidentally bumped. Looking forward to the true test, the reviews…

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"AT&T now carrying White Box Design product"

The USB 308 modem fits seamlessly into AT&T’s visual brand language and product line. Integrating the cap into the overall form creates a clean and simple aesthetic that’s complimented by the elegant detail of the soft touch thumb grip. The USB 308 was designed by White Box Design for Sierra Wireless.

250U 3G/4G Modem for Sprint.

They Love It

Sprint’s 250U Modem reviews:
PC Magazine: ” The Sierra Wireless 250U is the best way to get an individual Mac or PC onto Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks.”
CNET: “Great performance, nice look – happy camper…” “First, I like the way it looks, second I like the way it works.”
Engadget: “… and the minuscule design sure makes it more attractive than those prone-to-snapping alternatives.”
Softpedia Gadgets: “…the Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem 250U from Sierra Wireless, a mobile broadband solution that speeds up to… at the same time looking extremely cool. And we’re…” […]

Industrial & Product Design, Vancouver

White Box Design is located in Vancouver Canada. We work with a wide range of clients located all over North America with a focus in Western Canada, Pacific Northwest and Vancouver. Our industrial design methodology and process has helped our Vancouver and North American clients become innovators in their respective markets, these include: Consumer Products: […]