January 27, 2011

Best of CES 2011

consumer electronic show 2011

Best of CES 2011
Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Ties: Simple, fun and a well made product with a wide variety of uses.

Best of CES 2011 Bone Collection
Bone Collection iPhone Portable Amplifier: Unique & memorable design, that’s a simple non techy solution made from flexible silicon.

Best of CES 2011 Eton Soulra xl
Eton Soulra xl: Unique & modern getto blaster with ipod dock aesthics & function. Intergrates solar panel technology for increased portability & protects ipod.

Best of CES 2011 Samsung HT D7100
Samsung HT D7100: Elegant small component based stereo that can be configured multiple ways to fit seamlessly within it’s surroundings or stand out on a book shelf.

Best of CES 2011 Polaroid GL30
Polaroid GL30: Polaroid in the digital age while maintaining it’s unique visual & functional heritage – instant digital prints.

Best of CES 2011 ZAGGmate keyboard
ZAGGmate keyboard: Elegant product with multiple functions, enables your tablet to have laptop functionality.

Best of CES 2011 Samsung 9 Series:
Samsung 9 Series: An Apple Air competitor that’s not only thin but has higher grade materials & aesthetic value.

Best of CES 2011 LG E2290V
LG E2290V: Incredibly Slim Design with elegant details and use of materials.

Best of CES 2011 Eton Road Torq
Eton Road Torq: Clever little wind up emergency light with many functions & a great personality.

Best of 2011 Samsung 470 series Solid State Drive
Samsung 470 series Solid State Drive: An internal drive that’s so well done we don’t want to hide it.

Best of 2011 Victorinox Secure
Victorinox Secure: The ultimate, a knife with a removable finger print recognition flash drive.

Best of 2011 3M Touch System
3M Touch System: Radial interface that minimize hand movement.