April 2, 2013

Sugru: Fix, Modify, and Improve Your Stuff

Continuing on the theme of hacking/ fixing/ DIY, I recently came across this product called Sugru.  Now, we all have gadgets, gear, tools, toys etc that all worked great until that critical part, hinge, clip breaks (the Achilles heal). Or, we have a gadget that would work better if we could just customize it to fit or function better.  Enter Sugru, a miracle material that doesn’t seem to have any limits and can be used for a wide variety of applications and materials.  Below is just a small sample of how it can be used, to see more applications click here:



A more scientific explanation of Sugru is best described by Wikipedia:
“Sugru is the brand name for a patented, multi-purpose, non-slumping variant of silicone that resembles modeling clay.  Retains its plasticity for thirty minutes, is self-adhesive (to many metals, glass, ceramic, plastics), and self-cures at room temperature after approximately 24 hours. After curing, Sugru retains a ‘soft touch’ or slightly flexible, grippy surface and is waterproof, dishwasher-safe, temperature-stable between -60 and 180 degrees C, as well as electrically and thermally insulating. The product has a shelf life of six months.”

With a little Sugru hopefully our stuff can have more than one life and maybe give the landfill a bit of a break.