May 9, 2013

Things Come Apart: The Beauty Of Disassembling

Ever wanted to see the insides of a fire hydrant? iPod? Alarm clock? Piano? Swiss army knife? Canadian photographer Todd McLellan transforms ordinary objects into works of art in his book called “Things Come Apart.” The book documents the inner workings of 50 classic consumer products by dismantling, carefully arranging every single component by size and intricacy, and photographing them. Small descriptions by individuals who work within the world of disassembly and restoration is accompanied with each chapter. McLellan hopes that his images will help people appreciate the elaborate designs of modern technology and expose the beauty and quality of older products. His photographs will also make you think about our disposable culture and all of the things that we regularly throw away. Take a look at a few of our favourites below:

The original Macintosh.


The Bicycle.


The Chainsaw.


The Toaster.


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