January 28, 2015

Best of CES 2015

Here at White Box Design we ring in the New Year with our annual pilgrimage to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, CES 2015. It gives us a chance to see what’s happening in the very wide, sometimes wacky, and always enlightening world of electronics. Take a look at what we thought were the stand outs at this years CES.


Samsung wireless 360 speaker WAM7500/6500 has stunning sound quality with a memorable form factor that is also practical, lending it to be adaptable to different locations in a multiple rooms.


Triby from Invoxia is the ultimate fridge magnet.  A phone, a family messaging solution, a speaker and a radio. The simple and friendly visual design is appropriate for any kitchen and with a straight forward interface this can be used by the whole family.


Turn your home into a nano brewery with the Pico Brew home brewing machine. This is the worlds first all grain, fully automatic beer brewing appliance. The time it takes to cook a turkey you can brew 2.5 gallons.  Like the bread maker it will be interesting to follow the growth of this market.


Beyerdynamic T51 i – Portable premium headphones with beautiful sound, design and detail to match.


3D Selfie – Coined Shapie.  Full body scanning combined with high colour resolution 3D printers allow you to produce surprising beautiful scaled versions of yourself.  Looking forward to when this will replace the annual school or sports portrait.


X-Vibe, is a portable vibration speaker in a simple portable form that cleanly contains all its elements.  Fix to any surface to amplify your tunes clearly and crisply.


This Inflatable solar lantern called “Luci” by Mpowerd  is great a example of combining unexpected elements to create a simple, compact and functional product


Better known for their high quality bike racks and cargo boxes for cars, Thule are now entering the personal case market and have done a great job of translating their visual brand language.


Storm E Bike, touted as a very affordable electric ride at under $500 with a range of 30 miles is impressive on it’s own. We appreciate the simple celebrated function to this ride, you immediately see what you get. The prominent visual of the wide tires clearly communicates you can tackle a wide variety of terrain.


Sticking with the selfie theme the Hisy Wing Selfie Stick with a clever attachable tripod is a really nicely detailed quality product. Combined with the blue tooth remote this a worth while accessory.