January 24, 2022

Megapro launches the Multi-Bit Precision Driver

White Box Design is excited to announce our latest Industrial Design collaboration with Megapro, the 24 in 1 Multi-Bit Precision Screwdriver. This is the smallest member of the highly rated Megapro family. Designed for all the mini and micro fasteners commonly found in electronics, jewelry and security. The new Precision Driver offers a true alternative to those bulky precision sets with a very compact 24 multi-bit selection.



Challenged with a significantly smaller handle and the always present manufacturing constraints, we needed to evolve the visual design language to best balance the form with the function. This was achieved by extending the scoop detail for opening the cartridge through the branding surface and adding a subtle contoured rib texture. These evolutions create a simpler visual design that’s professional and robust.

White Box Design has been working with Megapro for over 20 Years. We have helped drive Megapro’s international success by designing professional products that are visually and emotionally appealing, great to use, and communicate Megapro’s brand language.


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