July 22, 2022

Use It! Love It! | Strata’s Super Heavy Duty Clothesline — Functional Product Design

Sometimes the basic chore of laundry can be a pleasure.  With the morning sun on your back and a birds eye view of the backyard, hanging out the laundry can feel as good as a morning coffee.

All you need is two well-placed anchor points (important), this seven-piece clothesline kit and presto! You have a strong, dependable, energy saving and highly functional clothesline.

The Strata Heavy Duty Clothesline Kit is designed to only require a few distinct components


Design Philosophy 101 — Form Follows Function

All of the parts here are purely designed from the ‘form follows function’ ethos.  They’re made from durable die cast zinc, not plastic that would fail and become brittle over time with UV exposure.

Installing will require an extra set of hands, but it’s a one-time deal.  And with the handy winch connector you can easily fine-tune the tension yourself.

The winch connector allows users to fine-tune the clothesline tension and is designed to be durable and easy to use.


Based on a basic pulley system it’s very easy to use. Hang a portion then move it along and so on. There’s also a really handy clothesline spacer that spreads the tension and keeps the line from sagging.

Strata Super Heavy Duty Clothesline Kit shown in context in a backyard setting.

Use it love it whenever the weather lets us.

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